Incidence of methylmercury in hoplias malabaricus in the Amazon

a narrative literature review

  • Caroline Stephanie Neves Vera Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Daniela de Oliveira Daltro
  • Vanessa da Silva Gomes
  • Neuza Maria Miranda dos Santos


This work aimed to evaluate the incidence of methylmercury in Hoplias malabaricus in the Brazilian Amazon, as well as possible damage caused by high ingestion of molecules of this bioaccumulative environmental pollutant. This is a narrative literature review, performed in November 2019, in the Pubmed, VHL, LILACS, Scielo and Anais III Combracis databases, in English and Portuguese, using a total of 19 references that included reportages and technical documents. Was observed positive linear correlation in methylmercury concentration in H. malabaricus in the Amazon region.
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Vera, C. S. N., Daltro, D. de O., Gomes, V. da S., & Santos, N. M. M. dos. (2020). Incidence of methylmercury in hoplias malabaricus in the Amazon, 13(2), 22-27.