• André Rinaldi Fukushima Universidade São Judas Tadeu
  • Esther Lopes Ricci
  • Adriele Eunice da Silva Queiroz
  • Larissa Leite Bueno
  • Maria Marta Bernardi
  • Helenice de Souza Spinoza
  • Maria Aparecida Nicoletti
  • Juliana Weckx Peña Muñoz


The brazilian savanna is considered the world's richest in biodiversity for not having an only and uniform physiognomy. This biome presents extreme fullness endemic species, but many species of plants and animals are in danger of extinction, as in the case of the maned wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus (Illiger, 1815), the biggest canid of South America. According to The IUCN Red List, the maned wolf is classified as Near Threatened, having threats such as habitat fragmentation, trampling, loss of genetic variability and introduction of exotic species in its natural habitat. The species become alarmed at the human approach presenting typical reactions of territorialism animal. To avoid extinction, it's necessary more knowledge about the maned wolf, enabling the preservation in nature and maintenance in captivity aiming the welfare of this animal, being the environmental enrichment solution to combat stress, assuring an environment of tranquility and safety. This study had the purpose of analyzing the behaviors of Chrysocyon brachyurus in zoos considering its enclosure with the intention of environmental enrichment propose. The observations were made at four zoos of the region of state of São Paulo with emphasis on the relation between behavior and enclosure. Ten maned wolves were observed, having differences in behavior frequencies with territorialism behaviors in high rate. The data was analyzed and compared according to the literature. From the analyzed data is possible to verify that the enclosure could affect the behaviors of maned wolves. Therefore, this work suggested a suitable enclosure for the wolves, possessing characteristics of social, food, cognitive, physical and sensorial enrichment, besides the structural foundation. In a way that guarantees the preservation and well-being of the species.

Author Biography

André Rinaldi Fukushima, Universidade São Judas Tadeu
I have a B.S. in Pharmacy from USJT (São Judas Tadeu University), and a master’s degree in Toxicology and doctorate in Experimental and Comparative Pathology from USP (University of São Paulo). During my first steps along my carrer, I developed relevant research skills as an intern at Medical Legal Institute of São Paulo, working with detection, characterization and trials of illicit abuse drugs in cadaveric blood. Afterwards, I’ve worked for a fell months in a consulting, exercising many activities, such as: Preparation of chemical risk fiches, researches with toxic agents, I participated in a project calledI participated in a project called "REGISTRY OF EMISSION AND TRANSFER OF POLLUTANTS" for the ministry of the environment, between others things. Then, I´ve started my graduation studying the APPLICATION OF IMMUNOASSAY FOR ANALYSIS OF DRUGS AND ABUSE DRUGS IN TOTAL BLOOD WITH FORENSIC PURPOSE (particularly in cadaveric whole blood) on different kind of toxic agents, focusing illicit drugs like cocaine, THC, amphetamines, barbiturics, benzodiazepines, toxicity evaluation and risk assessment of exposure to xenobiotics especially in the effects on the central nervous system. After I have finished my master course I started work as a professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the pharmaceutical area (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Toxicology).Since 2015 I assumed new professional challenges, working as a Centro Universitário Montesserat (UNIMONTE) like a director.Today I work as a full-time professor at São Judas Tadeu University and intend to start my postdoctoral project.
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Fukushima, A. R., Ricci, E. L., Queiroz, A. E. da S., Bueno, L. L., Bernardi, M. M., Spinoza, H. de S., Nicoletti, M. A., & Muñoz, J. W. P. (2019). TITLE: COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE BEHAVIOR OF THE LOBO-GUARÁ (CHRYSOCYON BRACHYURUS) IN CAPTIVEIRO: A PROPOSAL FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENRICHMENT, 12(2), 32. https://doi.org/10.22280/revintervol12ed2.449